Visit to Waddesdon Manor including the Silver Caesars exhibition

Waddesdon Exterior

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Visit to Brampton Bryan Hall,  home of the Harley family for over 700 years

B Bryan P (8)

The imposing entrance portico, with Edward Harley centre


Powys look to your laurels (or should I say yews)

Combined with Friends of  Ludlow Assembly Rooms a group of over 50 of us visited Brampton Bryan Hall. Finding the Hall was easy once you realised that the hedge you were instructed to follow was not just on ordinary one!

We were first given a very warm and informative welcome by Edward and Victoria Harley whose family married into the Brampton family in 1309 and has lived in the house ever since!

This was followed by a tour of the house, led by either Edward or Victoria, with an amazing amount of family, historical and architectural information to hear about and see, including a ruined castle in the grounds.

After this we were all treated to a delicious tea of sandwiches, sausages, cake and scones in the Old Dairy building before dispersing  home.

Edward and Victoria made the visit tremendously interesting and have very generously donated the entire proceeds to Brampton Bryan church restoration.

A very successful and enjoyable visit.