Join Us!

Please join us and help support Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery.

The Friends was established in 1983 with the general aim of supporting the objectives of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery – particularly its educational work. In 2009 the Museum and Art Gallery was taken over by Shropshire Council. In 2014 it moved premises to the newly restored Music Hall, refurbished at the cost of around £10 million.

Over the years the Friends have contributed over £100,000 in support of the museum. In early years this mainly involved the purchase of items for the museum’s collections of both local and national importance.  More recently the Friends have contributed to the costs of running programmes and the purchase of equipment. For example £5,000 was given for display cases and the Friends sponsored the very successful exhibition ‘Heavenly Lights’ about the work of the stained glass artist Margaret Rope.

Contributions from the Friends have often been the critically important starting point for further funding support from trusts and national organisations such as the Arts Council and lottery funds.

Our Activities

We have a programme of talks, visits and social events. Details are on our Talks and Visits pages and there is a section on the Darwin Memorial Lecture which we hold in February of each year.

Many of our members support the Museum as volunteers, welcoming visitors, acting as gallery guides and assisting with educational programmes for both children and adults.

If you would like to become a Friend, please CLICK HERE to open the membership application form (as a pdf), print off the page, then fill out the details on the form by hand, and post it to the FSMAG box at the Museum.

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