The future of the Museum Service in Shropshire

The Friends Of Shrewsbury Museum exists to value, support and foster the museum’s activities. So it is of great matter to us to understand how the museum is regarded in the public mind.
On this page, we will try to keep you informed of the latest debates over the future of the museum.
Most people who read this will know that Shropshire Council has been forced by budget cuts to make drastic savings.  Unfortunately this has meant that, for the past year, the future of the museum service in Shropshire has been under discussion.
Initially there was a proposal that Council funding could be withdrawn by April 2017 but, happily, funding has been found to keep the Resource Centre at Ludlow going for a further three years; and money to keep the rest of the museum service going for a further year has also been identified. This provides more time for a solution to the funding problem to be found.
At the moment Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council are studying whether the Town Council could play a role in the running of Shrewsbury Museum. These talks are still at a preliminary stage and it will be some time before we can get a clear idea of what is likely to emerge.
We are keeping a watch on proceedings and will let members of the Friends know as soon as we hear anything of consequence – and post news on this website when this is appropriate.
Dated: March 2017