2020 Talks

All begin at 15.30 and are held in the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery


Wednesday  29th January

A talk incorporating a practical demonstration.

Ironbridge Ceramics and Porcelain

by Kate Cadman. Curator of the Coalport China and Jackfield Museums. This lecture explains why Ironbridge became a centre of china and ceramic manufacture and will highlight items from the Shrewsbury collection.


Wednesday 4th March

Stained Glass

by Adrian Barlow. Chair, Friends of the Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum. His Espying Heaven: The Stained Glass of Charles Eamer Kempe and his Artists was published in January 2019


Wednesday 25th March

Attingham and Shropshire Archaeology

by Janine Young. National Trust Archaeologist for the West Midlands. Her brief extends from hill forts in Herefordshire to WW2 airfields. She is at present excavating at Attingham.


Thursday 24th September


Further details to follow



Archive of past talks, to 2019

January 2020: Ironbridge Ceramics and Porcelain by Kate Cadman (First of 2)

October 2019: Fortress Shrewsbury by Nigel Baker:

October 2019: Churches and Chapels by Nigel Baker.

September 2019: Houses of Shrewsbury by Nigel Baker.

April 2019: The Early Iconography of the Iron Bridge by David de Haan.

March 2019: Mammoths to Minerals: digitising Shropshire’s geology by Daniel Lockett.

February 2019: The Darwin Memorial Lecture. Robert FitzRoy, a Napoleon or a Nelson? by Peter Moore.

January 2019:  Recent Archaeological Finds in Shropshire by Peter Reavill of the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme.

November 2018:  Robert Clive and Shropshire by Bob Fowke.

October 2018: None that go return again – a talk, with readings, focused on the work of Wilfred Owen by Andrew Bannerman.

October 2018: An Artist’s War – the Art and Letters of Morris and Meredith Williams by Phyllida Shaw.

April 2018:  Visit to Flaxmill, Ditherington and talk by Alan Mosley and Joanna Layton.

March 2018: A Marvellous Creation – the Work of the Rothschilds at Waddesdon Manor Pippa Shirley, Head of Collections, at  Waddesdon.

January 2018:  The Darwin Farms and the vital role of Shrewsbury’s John Higgins, by  Prof. Peter Worsley, Reading University.

November 17: Chasing the Shadows and Hiding in the Light, by Andy Mckeown.

May 2017: Making the Most of 3D Digitisation in Museums, by James Grimster (Orange Leaf Systems).

March 2017: William Hazeldine -Ironmaster Extraordinary, by Andrew Pattison.

January 2017: New Discoveries at the Iron Bridge, by David de Haan.

November 2016: Temples, Tombs and Treasure – Archaeology in Ethiopia, by Louise Schofield

*November 2016: David Evans of Shrewsbury and the Revival of Gothic Stained Glass, by Martin Crampin

*November 2016: An Introduction to Caughley Porcelain, by Emma-Kate Lanyon, Maurice Wright and David Waterhouse.

*October 2016: Margaret Rope and the Women of The Arts & Crafts Movement, by Sally Hoban

September 2016: To Celebrate a Hero – How Shropshire Honoured Rowland Hill, by Richard Hayes.

May 2016: Churches of Shropshire, by Andrew Pike.

April 2016: The History of the Drapers’ Company in Shrewsbury, by Nigel Hinton.

*March 2016: Beyond Valhalla, by Thor Ewing.

January 2016. ‘English Landscape and Topographical Tradition in Art’ by Anthony Vettise.

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