This will be conducted by email. Papers and instructions will be sent with the Annual Newsletter in early September. The AGM talk by Phil Scoggins will be offered as a video later in the autumn.

2020 Talks

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic we are unable to provide the programme as planned. We are hoping to provide some talks in a digital form.

Phil Scoggins : Recreating Lost Townscapes: a Case Study  in Old Images

Keith Robinson: A Blackcountry Family of Ironmasters


Please look at the webpage and the monthly E-bulletin for notices of digital talks as they become available. We plan to add to the above





Archive of past talks

March 2020: Espying Heaven: The Stained Glass of Charles Eamer Kempe and his Artists by Adrian Barlow

January 2020: Ironbridge Ceramics and Porcelain by Kate Cadman                     

October 2019: Fortress Shrewsbury by Nigel Baker

October 2019: Churches and Chapels by Nigel Baker.

September 2019: Houses of Shrewsbury by Nigel Baker.

April 2019: The Early Iconography of the Iron Bridge by David de Haan.

March 2019: Mammoths to Minerals: digitising Shropshire’s geology by Daniel Lockett.

February 2019: The Darwin Memorial Lecture. Robert FitzRoy, a Napoleon or a Nelson? by Peter Moore.

January 2019:  Recent Archaeological Finds in Shropshire by Peter Reavill of the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme.

November 2018:  Robert Clive and Shropshire by Bob Fowke.

October 2018: None that go return again – a talk, with readings, focused on the work of Wilfred Owen by Andrew Bannerman.

October 2018: An Artist’s War – the Art and Letters of Morris and Meredith Williams by Phyllida Shaw.

April 2018:  Visit to Flaxmill, Ditherington and talk by Alan Mosley and Joanna Layton.

March 2018: A Marvellous Creation – the Work of the Rothschilds at Waddesdon Manor Pippa Shirley, Head of Collections, at  Waddesdon.

January 2018:  The Darwin Farms and the vital role of Shrewsbury’s John Higgins, by  Prof. Peter Worsley, Reading University.

November 17: Chasing the Shadows and Hiding in the Light, by Andy Mckeown.

May 2017: Making the Most of 3D Digitisation in Museums, by James Grimster (Orange Leaf Systems).

March 2017: William Hazeldine -Ironmaster Extraordinary, by Andrew Pattison.

January 2017: New Discoveries at the Iron Bridge, by David de Haan.

November 2016: Temples, Tombs and Treasure – Archaeology in Ethiopia, by Louise Schofield

*November 2016: David Evans of Shrewsbury and the Revival of Gothic Stained Glass, by Martin Crampin

*November 2016: An Introduction to Caughley Porcelain, by Emma-Kate Lanyon, Maurice Wright and David Waterhouse.

*October 2016: Margaret Rope and the Women of The Arts & Crafts Movement, by Sally Hoban

September 2016: To Celebrate a Hero – How Shropshire Honoured Rowland Hill, by Richard Hayes.

May 2016: Churches of Shropshire, by Andrew Pike.

April 2016: The History of the Drapers’ Company in Shrewsbury, by Nigel Hinton.

*March 2016: Beyond Valhalla, by Thor Ewing.

January 2016. ‘English Landscape and Topographical Tradition in Art’ by Anthony Vettise.

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