Darwin Memorial Lecture

The Darwin Memorial Lecture,

At Theatre Severn,  the Walker theatre, tickets from Theatre Severn.

Charles Darwin, photographed by Julia Margaret...

This annual event was established in 1998 by the Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council Museum Service to recognise Charles Darwin’s link with Shrewsbury. The lecture is given each February on the Sunday nearest to the anniversary of Darwin’s birth (12 February). In 2009, following the reorganisation of local government, the management of the lecture was taken over by the Friends of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. Over the years the lecture has become a significant event and has attracted a succession of highly qualified presenters.

                         NEXT DARWIN MEMORIAL LECTURE 13TH FEBRUARY 2022

                                         SPEAKER: Professor Robin Dunbar

                 Promoted by the Friends of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

                                     Sponsored by University Centre Shrewsbury

Archive of recent Darwin Memorial Lectures

2020:   Dr Carolyn Burdett. Social Darwin: Hope, Fear and Modernity

2019:   Peter Moore,  Robert Fitzroy – a Napoleon or a Nelson?

2018:   Prof. Martin Rudwick I, the Geologist”:  Charles Darwin’s first career.

2017:  Dr Andrew Berry (Harvard University) Coincidence? Charles Darwin, Alfred Russell              Wallace and the Co-discovery of Natural Selection.

2016  Andrea Wulf, ‘The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt and his Influence on Charles Darwin’.

2015   Professor Gregory Radick, University of Leeds, ‘A brilliant blunder’? Darwin and Mendel revisited’.

2014   Professor Joe Cain, University College, London, ‘The Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 – reality or fiction?’

2013   Professor James Moore, Open University, ‘Making Livings: the Economic Worlds of Wallace and Darwin’.

2012   Dr Jim Endersby, University of Sussex, ‘Sympathetic Science: Charles Darwin, Joseph Hooker and the Passions of Victorian Naturalists’

2011   Dr Alison Pearn, Cambridge University, ‘The Work of the Darwin Correspondence Project’.

2010   Dr Robert Anderson, former Director of the British Museum, ‘Joseph Black and the Scottish Enlightenment’.

2009   Professor Lord May, Oxford University,  Bicentennial Lecture

Previous lecturers

Professor David Bellamy, Naturalist; David Shepherd, Wildlife Artist; Michael Leach, Wildlife Photographer; Professor Steve Jones, Geneticist; Dr Janet Browne, Biographer of Charles Darwin; Professor Chris Stringer, Human Palaeontologist; Randal Keynes, Author and Charles Darwin’s great-great grandson; Professor Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize for Medicine; Professor Paul Pearson, Geologist; Professor Colin Pillinger, Lead Scientist, Beagle Mars Project; Professor Richard Dawkins.

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